Dear Reader -

For years now, I've wanted to create a non-profit organization, but I was always too busy trying to make a living.

I've given support and volunteered for various groups and organizations over the years, but there are so many other things that I personally want to get involved with, on a deeper level; especially, environmental concerns.

This year, I took a new position with a company that I feel proud to be a part of.  We are green, we are friendly, and we give back.  This new position also allows me the time needed to run a non-profit.  So, here I go.

And so, in late July, 2019, the idea for this new organization,, was born.  In January of 2020, I file the paperwork to file for non-profit status so that those of you who wish to contribute can do so.

What does 4ag mean?  In this age of texting where all phrases have become acronyms, 4ag means "For a Greener..."  For a greener neighborhood, city, state, country, Earth.

I hope you will consider helping us with some of our causes that we will be promoting here.  Just signing a petition from time to time will be a tremendous help.

Thank you for your interest!


Ralph Shelton
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA