Stop fracked-gas pipelines in WV, VA, NC now!

Stop fracked-gas pipelines in WV, VA, NC now!

Ella Rose lives in the blast zone of a massive, dangerous fracked-gas pipeline and compressor proposed just a few hundred feet from her home in a historic black community in rural Virginia.

Paula and Herman Mann live in the blast zone of a different fracked-gas pipeline in West Virginia, and have been living with the nightmare of the project’s ongoing construction that has been tearing up the land around them.

Ella and the Manns are worried about harm to their water supplies and health, to wildlife and the climate. Their worries skyrocketed in July when a similar gas pipeline in Kentucky exploded, killing one person, harming several others and destroying nearby homes.

They are just a few of the thousands of Americans whose lives have been disrupted since the pipelines were proposed five years ago: the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline and 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline, both running from West Virginia, through Virginia into North Carolina. Since then, these folks have been fighting tirelessly to protect their homes and families.

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