Mosquitoes, Dragonflies, and Bees (update)

Petition to Ban the Use of Permethrin in the State of Virginia

Today, August 2nd, 2019, marks one week since the City of Virginia Beach sprayed our neighborhood for mosquitoes. The mosquitoes have returned, but the bees have not.

See my original post about this here

On Monday, July 29, I paid a visit to the Mosquito Control Center of Virginia Beach, and spoke, in person, to the biologist there. She confirmed that the chemicals used to spray neighborhoods in Virginia Beach killed other insects, including bees. She also provided me with a label from the container that the poison is contained in.

I have created a petition to stop the use of such chemicals in Virginia, and to encourage more eco-friendly mosquito population control. (See link below)


Here is a quote from the biologist via email:
Good afternoon Mr. Shelton,
The product used in the nighttime ULV spray trucks is Evoluer 4-4 ULV. The active ingredient is permethrin. This product is labeled by the EPA for use for public health and vector control. Permethrin products are commonly used by private mosquito control companies and local mosquito control agencies. The label is attached to this email.

We spoke yesterday about your concern for the bees after the treatment. You will notice that the label shows an environmental hazard to bees like we talked about. All of the pesticides currently available to control mosquitoes have this environment concern on the label. We are always looking to find new products approved by the EPA and labeled for public health use that work effectively. We strive to protect our environment and still provide control of potential virus carrying mosquitoes. This being said, we do offer the opportunity to opt-out of the nighttime spray truck treatment in front of your home. The ULV driver would turn the sprayer off in front of your property and turn it back on once past. If this is something you are interested in please call our customer service department, 757-385-1470 and put in a request to have a red tag installed on your mailbox.

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